Dental Implants

Your implant treatment involves a team of experts, these include your oral surgeon who surgically prepares and places your implant. Your dentist/dental specialist who design and fit your crowns, and the technician who actually construct the crowns.

There can be a delay of several months between the surgical placement of your implants and the eventual prosthetics being made and fitted to them.

The following outlines the general flow of events:

  • Referral for extraction
  • Consultation with Specialist Implant Surgeon
  • Cone Beam Scan and Bone assessment to determine if any bone grafting is required and to assist with implant planning
  • OMS surgeon liaises with your dentist/specialist for plaster models, surgical guides and suckdown (temporary tooth replacement)
  • Implant Planning and cost estimation
  • Booked for surgery either with sedation or under a general anaesthetic related to complexity of your case or personal preference
  • Implant placement-if stable a healing abutment will be visible through the gum. You will require no further surgery with OMS and will be discharged to your dentist/specialist for prosthetics.
  • If your implant requires more time to fully integrate in your bone the gum tissue will be sutured over and one other minor surgery will be required to access the implants and affix the healing abutment/s.
  • It is extremely important for you to contact our office if you feel your implant abutments are loose