Dental Extractions

Reasons for extractions of a tooth or retained tooth root

  • Extensive damage due to decay, broken down, large fillings or trauma
  • Gum disease- due to poor dental hygiene, plaque build up and tartar on a tooth this may inflame and or infect the gum. Treatment is necessary to avoid damage to the underlying bone and other tissues surrounding the tooth root.
  • Impacted teeth- teeth that are in such position they will not develop in a normal or healthy manner
  • Supernumerary teeth- some people can have additional permanent teeth. These can become impacted often causing pain, infection and damage to surrounding teeth. Supernumerary teeth are likely to interfere with Orthodontic treatment and may require removal.
  • To improve appearance due to overcrowding, as part of orthodontic treatment teeth may need to be removed.
  • Tooth with no function-any tooth without an opposing tooth to provide a normal chewing action will continue to over erupt and may damage cheek or gum tissue and may be better removed.
  • Vertical cracks- in a tooth root-a root may shift or split and a crack may develop, the tooth is no longer viable and will need to be removed as infection will occur.
  • Failed root fillings-at times root filling treatments can fail and result in the need for extraction of the tooth.