Cone Beam CT Scan

Cone beam CT scan

Anglesea OMS are proud to have been the first practice in New Zealand to install a Sirona Galileos 3D Cone Beam Scanner. We have been using the Sirona Conebeam CT since 2009 and this machine operates with state of the art technology allowing our surgeons to view a 3 dimensional x-ray of the patients skull. During one exposure the 3D unit captures 500 low dose single exposures and reconstructs an x-ray in the best possible volume and image quality.


With this 3D x-ray our surgeons get a three dimensional image of your jaws and teeth. This allows our surgeons to accurately diagnose and assess your teeth or jaw. Surgeons can rotate the image, zoom in to areas of concern,  easily identify nerves, sinuses, abscesses or other pathology and plan your dental implant.


Being a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Anglesea OMS are able to organise prior approval for cone beams scans and process the approval on the members behalf (although this does depend on the members Southern Cross policy. Not all policy's are covered).