Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I need to take off work?

This depends on the extent of your surgery and the type of sedation/anaesthetic used. If surgery is minor you may be able to return to work the next day. If your surgery has been more involved and you are experiencing pain and swelling you may require 2-4 days to recuperate, recovery varies from person to person.

When can I eat after my surgery?

You can eat and drink any soft cold foods or liquids you can manage after your surgery. Care must be taken when you are still feeling numb from the local anaesthetics, avoid any hot food or liquids on the day of surgery.

Why are my lips and tongue numb?

Because you have been given a local anaesthetic injection, depending on the type used this numbness may last for up to 9-12 hours. Care must be taken not to bite your lip or tongue while it is numb.

How long will it take for the drug effects of sedation to wear off?

The main effects will have worn off within 2-3 hours directly following surgery. However, your co-ordination, memory and judgement will be impaired for up to 18 hours. Therefore, you cannot drive, drink alcohol, operate machinery or hazardous equipment or be solely responsible for caring for children within this time.

Will the antibiotics I have been given affect my oral contraceptive?

Yes, whilst you are taking the antibiotics and for 7 days after finishing them you will require extra contraceptive protection.

Is vomiting and nausea normal after surgery?

If your surgery was under a general anaesthetic you are more likely to experience nausea and vomiting and about to 10% of patients will experience this. Pain relief medications and antibiotics may also contribute to this. If nausea or vomiting is severe please contact your surgeon.

When can I return to exercising?

1-2 days after your swelling has subsided. If you commence exercising too soon after surgery you increase the likelihood of increased swelling and bleeding.

It has been several days since my surgery, should it still be bleeding?

Small amounts of blood tinged saliva is normal for the days following oral surgery. If you are concerned that the surgery site is actually bleeding please contact our office for advice.

Why has my surgeon suggested a general anaesthetic instead of intravenous sedation for my surgery?

This is generally related to the complexity of your surgery as well as your medical condition or needs.

Is it normal to have difficulty talking and chewing with my new denture(s)?

Yes, initially as your facial muscles learn to control your new denture chewing and talking may be more difficult, this will improve with time and practice. Select soft foods and take small mouthfuls and do not pull food away as you would with natural teeth.

Can I take my dentures out in the first 24 hours?

It is advised not to do this as you can have problems replacing them, please leave them in day and night for the first several days. After this time you may remove them to briefly clean them, it is important to replace them as soon as possible.

I have taken my denture out and now I cannot replace it?

It is normal to have swollen gums following teeth removal. Sometimes when the dentures are removed for cleaning especially in the first 24 hours they may be difficult to replace. Do not worry leave the dentures out until the swelling has resolved and then they can be reinserted.

What should I do if my dentures hurt?

Dentures should not be painful however, immediately after surgery it may due to swelling and surgical site tenderness. If this pain persists contact your denture supplier for advice.