While you heal, following a procedure, it's important to take extra care in order to aid a safe and speedy recovery. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your visit.

  • What to expect after your surgery

    Due to the nature of surgery, there are common after effects which you may wish to bear in mind. Read more >

  • Recommended diet following your surgery

    Due to possible pain, swelling and limited mouth opening you will be on a soft diet following your operation. It is important to maintain your food and fluid intake after surgery to assist with your healing. Read more >

  • Medications

    Keeping a note of when your next medication is due will ensure you do not exceed the stated daily doses and also guides the management of multiple medications. You may be given some of these medications at the time of your surgery, and again upon your discharge. Read more >

  • Post Operative Instructions following Local Anaesthetic

    Local Anasthesia is an injection given to a specific area to numb that part of the mouth. Read more >

  • Post Operative Instructions following General Anaesthetic

    General anaesthesia medications are generally given via an injection into a vein. These medications are very powerful and bring about a total lack of consciousness. These drugs will temporarily block normal protective reflexes, affecting your breathing and your hearts action. Read more >

  • Post Operative Instructions following Intravenous Sedation

    The drugs used in sedating a patient have the effect of making you amnesiac (short term memory loss) and rendering you "drunk in charge", in that you are not responsible for your own actions and certainly not able to drive. Because of this, it is our medico-legal responsibility to ensure that you are properly looked after on leaving our practice Read more >